Pastor Spite arrived with his family to begin an apostolic church in Rochester on June 4th 1976. Upon his arrival he found a broken down chapel with a mortgage still outstanding. The previous congregation, who had used the building, had disbanded.

Holding church services and attempting to keep the building from being lost was the Salverson family. These lay members of an apostolic church in Indiana had moved to Rochester as "tent makers" shortly before the previous pastor and his congregation disbanded. The Salverson family, along with another elderly lay couple, were able to keep the building from being lost until Rev. and Mrs. Spite could arrive.

Pastor Spite supported himself and the church through full-time secular employment for the first 5 years of the church's existence. Then in 1981, the church had grown enough to support his full-time efforts in its behalf. He has worked in the ministry full-time since then.

For all of its current intents and purposes, New Life Assembly was effectively launched on Sunday, June 6th 1976, with seven adults present. This included a second-time visitor who had responded to an ad placed in a local paper by Ed Salverson. She, along with her two daughters, was baptized that day.

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Guiding Principle

“All we like sheep have gone astray” laments Isaiah. Contrary to popular philosophy man is not “master of his own fate and captain of his own soul”. Society has had over a hundred years of such philosophical guiding principles sold to searching souls. However while the authors get rich the mounting corruption, violence, and despair of our society shows we are more lost than ever. Man is unique and ever changing; as is the terrain of his customs and philosophy. Human corruption is washing out roads to success, and changing the course of rivers of life navigation systems. No! We don’t need a roadmap of guiding principles. We need a guide.

The guiding principles of New Life Assembly that we will articulate later are actually the varied expressions of the single principle that governs the kingdom of God. That single guiding principle is God. He is our guide. Our different approaches to different situations may suggest multiple principles but they are still branches of the same tree of the overarching principle of God in Christ enabling the work of God in him.

The Holy Ghost was the guidance expression of God for the early church’s expression of Christ. It is ours as well. The only guiding principle we can count on is the continual move of the Holy Ghost by prayer and submission to the current word of God. If we have that it most certainly will produce miracle results that will in the days to come qualify our single guiding principle of God himself as the source and substance of all other principles we may refer to in content to come.

Statement of Doctrine

The doctrine of New Life Assembly is the “doctrine of one God”. All other doctrines are incidental to, and are absorbed into this simple doctrine: "…Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. {38} This is the first and great commandment. {39} And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. {40} On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets."

All that forever has existed and will exist is God. This is the fundamental doctrine of the universe upon which all truth and creation hangs. All that momentarily expresses anything other than “one God” must either become that one God in this life, or be eliminated eternally. This oneness with God is only achieved by total submission.

God made man as his son in God’s image – not in man’s image. Man didn’t have his own image. He had God’s image. One image and that image was God. That is because God “only hath immortality.” Oneness with God is the only means of eternal existence. Salvation from eternal death is man being rescued from his own false image which never really existed.

Man’s image separates him from oneness with God, thus preventing submission to God. The only way out of man’s image is being baptized into the identity of Christ by water baptism in his name. To qualify for this miraculous exit from his own image into the image of God a man must totally reject his own image - given to him by the world and his own imaginations. He must repent of his sins be baptized by water in God’s saving name of Jesus and receive the spirit of God so he can have God’s abiding presence to constantly govern his actions, and thereby manifest God instead of himself. This is the door to the kingdom of God’s own self-expression of love to man through man - whom we can only love as ourselves when they are “us” by all of us being Him.

This then is the single two part NLA and bible doctrine of loving God who is “us” and our neighbor. On this doctrine hangs not only all other doctrines of New Life Assembly, but all of the universe and eternity itself.

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