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At The Very Least Be Doubled

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If mercy is new every day; and you are what you are by the grace of God; and if grace and peace are MULTIPLIED to you; then - the potentially very least that you are able to increase each day is twice what you were the day before. This is very exciting to consider in that we are taught by the bible to daily put off the old man and put on a new man and that new man is surely at least twice or more what the old man was. This of course is by the measurement of God rather than humans. Worth is determined by him alone and that is why on the judgment day he alone sits on that throne. So even though we are not able to see the increased potential, which is probably for eternal purposes, still the word of God promises what we are can be multiplied on a daily basis. This is a good reason for pulling out all stops, casting caution to the wind and giving ourselves to living the abundant (abounding, multiplying) life.

Bishop Spite

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