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Continually Moving Forward

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It is vital that you are always moving forward and never drawing back. God says that he has no pleasure in those who draw back. God is the great “I AM” of the present moment. He lives in whatever is happening now – no matter how difficult it may appear to be. To romantically embrace what is happening now is to say that God is in control regardless of how it appears otherwise. To make such an affirmation is to give God room to work miracles in the current context which you just formatted with your truth. Drawing back from where you are is to regress from relationship with God to religion. This is a serious affront to the one who calls himself “a present help in the time of trouble”. Let’s you and I make up our minds that no matter what a day brings forth that the end of the day will see us further ahead in the discovery of God than we were at the start of the day. The blessing of God is on forward movement towards him - from the atheist and agnostic to the apostolic.

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