Experience New Life

You never know what exciting things will happen in an apostolic service. No two services are alike. You may see people filled with the Holy Ghost as they were in the 2nd chapter of Acts in your bible. You will no doubt hear people speaking in tongues in glorious connection to the interactive reality of God. You will probably experience the actual presence of God as you worship Him. It is very amazing. You may see someone healed by the power of God, or hear people testify of receiving miracles from God in the past week.

There is a good chance that you will see someone baptized in Jesus name, and see the glory of God on them as they experience the washing away of all of their sins.

You will be amazed at the genuine excitement being demonstrated by people who have been dramatically changed by God: Some will be raising their hands in adoration of the God who just spoke to them; others will be so excited with victories just experienced that they may even outdo the victory celebration of sports fans and their sports heroes who just scored the winning point. You may be astonished to see some people similarly celebrating in dancing or jumping up and down or other expressions of excitement. If you see this, you can know that these are experiencing the reality of God to a degree that most people are not aware of.

It is common at New Life Assembly to observe people asking other people to pray for them as they experience sudden faith in God and trust in their neighbor.

It is almost certain that during an apostolic service people can be seen with tears of joy streaming down their face, knowing they are loved by God and their fellow members. In fact the love people express for each other often seems like something out of the first and second chapters of Acts in your bible. As a guest you will likely experience a very warm and kind welcome from such people as these, and surely know that you are totally accepted and welcome during your visit - without any scrutiny or judgment.

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