From Alcoholic to Apostolic

My testimony is like many of this day and age. I was brought up with a way of life, that today, I know was contrary to the way that God wants me to live.

At an early age I was taught that drinking was a “socially accepted” thing, so I learned how to drink. You see, since I was a small child, I was taught how to live. I was truly a product of my surroundings. My memory of my childhood was not one of love, but rather, one of a lot of pain and SOITOW. I know today that “perfect” love comes from Jesus.

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My Hope is in Him

I came to the Lord in 1982 because my wife, Pam, had gone to a revival meeting. We were having problems in our marriage. I was stopping after work with the guys I work with (for a couple of beers). Instead of a couple, it would be ten to twelve and I wasn’t coming home until nine or ten o’clock at night. I had three young sons at the time, they would be in bed by the time I got home.

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