Our Lives Have Never Been The Same

Where do I begin? In less than six years of marriage, I was a mother of three, married to an alcoholic, and heading for the divorce court. What was I going to do? The answer came when my friend invited me to church. Why not try God? I had already tried everything else, and I was desperate.

God knew my heart and began a life altering change in me. I didn’t care what anyone thought. I needed a lifeline, and I was determined to hold to it no matter what.
Everything I had worried about losing, Jesus allowed me to keep, because I had put Him first. You may think that the name of the church, New Life Assembly, is odd, but not when what you receive is in fact a new life. God delivered my husband from alcohol nearly 30 years ago, and I can thankfully say that we have celebrated "over" 30 years together.

Jesus is my life; my everything. I live life to the fullest because of Him. I don’t need the things of this world to make me happy. I have all that I need.

Come, see, listen, and learn. There is so much more to life than what you have experienced. I am living proof of life more abundant. What price are you willing to pay for peace, joy, and love? The truth is, Jesus already paid the price for you.

Pamela H.

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