Finding the Road to Success

When I take a look into my past, there are actually many positive things about it. I was brought up in a typical middle income suburban home. I was part of a large, close and loving family. We never went without, went to private schools, and my parents did everything they knew to do to bring us up “right”. When I grew up I served our country in the army and later graduated from college, got married, had children and started a nice and respectable job. In my mind, I was well on the “road to success”. What I didn’t want to admit, was that during this process I wasn’t being myself. I was just playing the role of what I thought everyone wanted me to be.

As a child, I was always classified as a big crybaby and a loser by my friends. I was determined to be liked and accepted so I started the charade of being the person they would like. I then became very popular. Later on in life, after a few years of marriage, things started to become more complicated. I was trying my hardest to play the role of the “providing father”; working hard and long hours without realizing that I was actually losing my whole family in the interim. I came to the point where divorce was imminent, and I really didn’t know what to do.

I then turned it over to Jesus! From that point in my life, there was a miraculous change that started to put my marriage back together. I started to get to know my children and I also realized the proper priorities in my life. God started to direct my life instead of me following the world’s formula of success.

Probably the most miraculous thing was the ability to take that mask off that I was wearing my whole life. I was able to be real, to be me. The freedom of being yourself and the realization that God loves you is such a beautiful feeling. With God’s acceptance and guidance I am now equipped to be the best in all areas of my life and know what the true road to success is.

Michael S.

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