A Real Awakening

Have you ever looked into a mirror and didn’t like what you saw? That happened to me one day and I’m glad it did. I had known about God and His love since I was a young boy attending Sunday School, singing those children’s songs and hearing all those Bible stories. It was fun and good, but in my teenage years I started associating with the wrong crowd. I wanted to fit in and eventually I did, not for a moment considering the consequences. I started smoking, then drinking, thinking it was the “in thing.” All this time I lied to my parents and tried the best I could to cover up all I was doing. I tried to be happy, but in the middle of a crowd I was lonely.

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The Church is a Powerful Church

It is an honor to be able to give you all of my testimony of what God has done for me throughout the years. If it was not for Jesus in my life, and the love of the church (New Life Assembly) in my life, I would be lost. You, my brothers and sisters, mean a lot to me. More than life itself. You were there for me and kept praying for me, and I just want to thank you. I love you all in Christ Jesus.

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I Experienced Unconditional Love

Pain, confusion, loneliness; alone, separate, apart, isolated -- physically, emotionally and mentally. Life, even as a child, was a battle to be fought everyday. Broken hearts, promises, people. “Why?” “Why?”, I would ask over and over. Never finding an answer. Relationships with others were fragmented, fleeting, painful... so painful, "God, help me", I cried again and again.

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