Finding the Road to Success

When I take a look into my past, there are actually many positive things about it. I was brought up in a typical middle income suburban home. I was part of a large, close and loving family. We never went without, went to private schools, and my parents did everything they knew to do to bring us up “right”. When I grew up I served our country in the army and later graduated from college, got married, had children and started a nice and respectable job. In my mind, I was well on the “road to success”. What I didn’t want to admit, was that during this process I wasn’t being myself. I was just playing the role of what I thought everyone wanted me to be.

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When I Lost My Life, He Gave Me His

It all started around the time I was 16; by that time I was already in a gang and starting to use drugs. I was also the lead singer of a heavy metal band -- that should tell you a little about why I started using drugs. For the next ten years I was doing everything that your parents plead with you not to do. I was smoking marijuana, drinking pretty heavily, and every now and then I would use cocaine. I got to the point that my wife and children were going to leave me, and did. Oh yea; along the way I managed to find a woman and have two children. I proceeded to destroy my life and take my family with me.

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