The Broken Heart Mender

I would like to share with you how I came into a relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

My background is very similar to that of a lot of women in the world today. I came from a broken home, step-families, abuse of every kind, and a longing to be loved. My parents tried to provide for me the best way that they knew how. They both worked very hard at financially supporting us, and actually, they did a very good job at that. Unfortunately, I always felt that they thought that money could buy you love and I knew from an early age that was not true. I don’t remember feelings of love, comfort, or security. I do remember a lot of fighting, drinking and fear. I never respected or trusted my parents, so I was a very rebellious child. Actually, several things happened to me when I was very young that took away all respect that I might have had for myself.

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I Came Up Out of the Water Feeling Clean and Free

I count it a privilege to be included in this book and a pleasure to write about where God has brought me from.

I grew up feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere. My mother died when I was very young; my father remarried several years later. Though all who had to do with my upbringing did their best to care for me, I always felt like a fifth wheel, and lonely. I was quiet and a “nobody” in school. I married at a young age, seeking the love I so desperately needed. That marriage failed and I was divorced after several years.

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He Turned My Hate Into Love

I was a hopeless alcoholic. Then I met a man from Tennessee named Frank Butz who was a truck driver for the company that I worked for. Every time he delivered to Rochester he was after me to go to church with him but I kept putting me off. Finally one day he said, “You have been putting me off long enough and you’re going to church with me."

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I Am Fulfilled

I always believed in God and took every opportunity when I was young to walk into church and talk to God.

When I got married, God never changed, he continued to help and guide me. I home in Spencerport, a double house; and, shortly thereafter, we rented out the apartment side. I observed the people who came to help them move in, the joy and happiness that radiated from each one and especially the love. They included me when they prayed for their new home.

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